The people of our community – and their talents – are what make our district unique.  I take great pride in celebrating and supporting our people, and the vibrant diversity they bring to Whangārei. I will also continue encouraging healthy lifestyles and supporting the facilities that enable us to stay active.

Supporting and celebrating a colourful, vibrant community is something Sheryl Mai is strongly committed to.


Shifting Whangārei’s War Memorial from the Rose Street ‘triangle’ to Laurie Hall Park was a labour of love that RSA Trust president Archie Dixon was justifiably proud of.


One of the few physical features that distinguish Buddhi Wilcox is a small pigtail.  But the otherwise ordinary appearance hides a compassionate being.


The district’s future lies in the hands of its youth – and Whangārei Mayor Sheryl Mai gets big thumbs up from Northland Youth Theatre.

Sheryl Mai is known for her warm welcomes to visitors from around NZ and the world, whether they are visiting or moving to Whangārei.